Here you have our favorite corners to enjoy a delicious Picnic Barcelona

Some places are open secrets while some others are not as well known. One you visit them you will discover the reason they have won our hearts.


Parque de la Ciutadella

The green lung of Barcelona has to make the list. It´s ideal for all types: families, friends, lovers, tourists, athletes… and it’s located on the edge of the city center. Any plan is possible if you choose this location to enjoy our picnic!

Parque de Cervantes

Parque de Cervantes

Falling in love with someone is much easier when you have up to 245 different types of flowers surrounding you. If you also add the flavor of our picnic, there may be a love story waiting to happen.


Playa de Sant Sebastià

Let’s dust those skates off! Or the bicycle if you prefer… take a tour of the city swaterfront and put the icing on the cake with a picnic on the beach to help regain your strength. We provide the menu and Barcelona gives the sea breeze, sand, palmtrees and sun.

Puerto Olimpico

Port Olímpic

If you are a fan of the maritime world don´t hesitate on visiting Barcelona´s Port. You will find amazing yachts, sailing boats. You will enjoy eating your picnic with the sea breeze surrounded by seagulls, but watch out and keep and eye on your picnic, seagulls are known for being thieves!


Mirador de los Cañones

The most beautiful and modern place to have a picnic. Yes, the site is set away from everything but taking a refresher at one of the best viewpoints in the city is worth the trip. Tip: don’tmiss the sunset!


Palau Robert

In the heart of the city, this small green island will give you the opportunity to disconnect from the office and enjoy some delicious moments with workmates. Also, for dessert, you can visit to the exhibition located in the garden!


Parque del Laberint d’Horta

The maze is the only place where losing your children can become a pleasure. For that reason it´s ideal to go with your family to have fun, and why not? End your day by enjoying a picnic that will make your taste buds go insane.


Parque Central de Nou Barris

This park consists of large grassy areas and streams and is ideal for relaxing. Incidently you can see one of the up and coming neighborhoods of the city: Horta.


Parque del Castell de l’Oreneta

Board a mini-train, play ping pong, rest under a shady tree, play on the swingsand make it the best picnic ever. This park will delight people of all ages.


Parque de Joan Miró

This park is not only for lovers of books for the public library that houses inside. It is also ideal for a break during the workday or to unwind after an afternoon of shopping in the “Las Arena”mall. Our menus adapt to any situation!


Jardins del Palau de Pedralbes

Sometimes it takes very little to make you feel like royalty. Try a romantic place like this garden, the sun shining in the sky and the finest banquettoenjoy together. The ideal scenery to end it with a kiss!


Parque de la Creueta del Coll

Attention, attention! Perfect day for a family visit. There are big green spaces to rest in the shade while the young ones play, a natural spring that becomes a pool in the summer and a great place for a picnic. What’s not to love?

Parque de España Industrial

They say that the theme of this park is earth, air, fire and water. Fire for the big sculpture of a dragon that serves as a slide for the young ones; water for the huge lake (it´s the second biggest one in the city); and earth for its large area of grass. Ideal for an urban picnic? We think so!


Parque del Tibidabo

If you ask the young ones of the house they´ll have be in no doubt: this is the best place to have a picnic. In the mountains of Collserola, with stunning views of the city and above all guaranteed fun if you enter the amusement park.