Cookies Policy

What is a cookie?
Cookies are small pieces of information that servers sent to users’ browsers to recognize , preserve their decisions and offer personalized navigation.

How we use them Barcelona Picnic uses cookies, in its pages, for the following purposes:

  • Provide the user with a personalized browsing, adapting to your preferences displays information both in some of the sections of our site, and pages of other sites that accept advertising.
  • Keep decisions and user responses in some options such as confirmation of the age of majority, the choice of language navigation, displaying prices in euros, participation in sweepstakes or surveys. ..; this way, you avoid having to respond back to the same question in their next visits.
  • Identify the user to keep open a session necessary for, among other purposes, to preserve the products added to the cart and complete the purchase process.
  • Collect information on access to the different pages on our website for statistical purposes¬†To know if your browser accepts cookies or blocks of Barcelona Picnic or delete them if you wish, you can consult your browser settings (in the preferences section).
  • You should know, however, that if you block cookies from Barcelona Picnic products you add to your shopping will not be registered and can access any services that require login, as Finalising an order or modify any data in your account.While Barcelona Picnic third-party use cookies to customize user navigation on our website and elsewhere, in any case personal information is provided to providers of such services.

    For more information on cookies in the following article in Wikipedia: Cookie